January 1, 2014

Wind of change.

Hey friends, hope you had the best time welcoming the New 2014. Year! 

For me the 2013. was beyond beautiful. The moment I'll remember my whole life is engagement with love of my life Sara. Later, moving into amazing new apartment! Then all the mornings I woke up healthy and happy and all the evenings I easily and peacefully went to sleep. I am very grateful for all of that and more. 
Also, I am so happy for you, my dear readers, for giving me such big support and love, I'll try to do even better job in the new year - post more often and even bring you guys some surprises!

This year was also full of big loses and very sad moments, but that is also part of life and I am happy that downs made me stronger person. Because if you aren't sad, how can you even appreciate happiness?

I wish you all the best in this (I'm sure of it) amazing New Year and may all your goals come true!

I was wearing:
sweater: Dioralop
jeans: Diesel
boots: Bally
coat: Etro
bag: Proenza Schouler


  1. I ti i Sara ste baš inspiracija. Samo ostani tako pozitivan.

  2. odlican outfit!
    sve najbolje u 2014 :)


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