March 27, 2014


Hi all good people in the World, hope you're fine and doing something that you love. In the end it's all that matters, right? That and health.

So yesterday was Nike AirMax Day, and I wanted to publish this post wearing for the first time my new AirMax Lunar 90. Stichless sneakers - perfect sneakers.
The spring is coming, but it can still be chilly thus the light jacket (love that one cause of the texture blocking). And my (now old) Wasted tee is even better washed out like this a little!

Have a fabulous day,

I was wearing:
sneakers - Nike
tee - Wasted
jeans - Diesel
jacket - Zara
shades - Ray-Ban
bag - Proenza Schouler

March 25, 2014

Jump from paper!

Recently I got the most amazing backpack ever! 
I didn't think it was real when I opened the package, and it was meant to look like that. That explains and the brand name, "Jump from paper"!

With such cool bag I needed no extra statement pieces so the rest of the outfit is simple. I love how this backpack lifts the combination up and makes me not too serious, which I like! And it is spacious enough to keep all you everyday necessities!

For more info, click here!


I was wearing:
backpack - Jump from paper
tee - Wasted
shirt - Abercrombie & Fitch
parka & jeans - Zara
sneakers - Givenchy
shades - Ray-Ban

March 19, 2014

Nike Air Max Lunar 90

This Saturday I had an amazing oportunity to attend the Nike event! The newest model of their world famous sneakers Air Max series was introduced, called Air Max Lunar 90.

I've also had the chance to try the new Nikes before the event, as the invitation itself was one sneaker (the other one was hovering in the giant balloon on the event, cool huh?) and I was left amazed by the quality and comfor of the new Air Max Lunar 90.
They are superlight due to new technology of sewing without any stitches and a combination of Nike Air (that legendary air balloon in the sole of the shoe) and new Lunarlon cushioned soles (it's a special aerated foam).

So basically you feel like you're walking on pillows with these beautiful new sneakers. And to see that they look amazing too, here are some photos from the event!


February 25, 2014

Workday essentials.

My everyday essentials without which I usually don't go out.

Probably the most important "accessory" is my iPad, I use it everyday and everywhere. I jot down numerous times during the day some importanat stuff to do, check my mails and surf the web. Also, I use this Balenciaga leather case to protect it when in my bag.
Other stuff are pretty usual, like the Cutler and Gross shades, By Kilian franrance, Saint Laurent bracelet and the best lip balm ever, Aesop!

I am pretty much obsessed with watches, so you can imagine my happiness when I saw this beautiful camo piece in mail few days ago! It is by Plus Watches and it was so hard to pick out this one from their endless perfect models. Simple, elegant but also cool as hell. :)


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